Rogue River Fishing Company in Oregon

If you've been looking for an amazing fishing experience, the Rogue River in Oregon is the perfect place for you.

With its clear waters and plentiful fish, the Rogue River is an angler's paradise. And because of its location, fishing trips on the Rogue River are sure to be memorable. 

At Briggs Rogue River Trips, our fishing trips will be guided by our skilled and experienced boatman, who will travel with you to the best locations for your desired fishing experience.


Our Fishing Trips Options Will Fit Your Desires and Needs

At Briggs Rogue River Trips, we have a variety of services for your fishing trip experience in Oregon that will be perfect for you whether this is your first time fishing or you're a seasoned pro. Our services are:

Rogue River Guiding Fishing

Suppose you're seeking one river that offers a wide range of exciting fishing opportunities. In that case, the Rogue River is the place to go.

For individuals searching for a more comprehensive single-day excursion, our guides can take you out on a fun day of Salmon Fishing, winter steelhead fishing, or whatever else you like.

Rogue River Canyon Fishing

The trip offers world-class fishing for our magnificent salmon, adult steelhead, and half-pounders, with options for fishermen of all skill levels and tool preferences.

Rogue River Single Day Fishing 

On a single day on the Rogue River, you'll get all of your fishing equipment, a lunch, plenty of coffee, and a wonderful experience.

Our skilled and experienced boatman will travel with you to the best and most amazing locations on the river for your desired fishing experience.

Rogue River Whitewater Rafting

If you're looking for a more whitewater-oriented trip that's perfect for your family or a group of friends on the Rogue River, at Briggs Rogue River Trips in Oregon, our rogue river fishing guides have you covered.

Our trips are available in a variety of options, from family-friendly half days trips, a more adventurous class IV half day, two-day camping trips or 3-day lodge trips, and even a 4-day camping trip.

Start Your Fishing Experience with Us Today!

We're your best option if you're looking for a relaxing time in nature or an amazing fishing experience in Oregon that will test your skills at Briggs Rogue River Trips. Our rogue river fishing guides are here to assist you.

If you've been looking for "fishing guides near me" at Briggs Rogue River Trips, we know that the wild and scenic Rogue River trip is a guided fishing adventure unlike any other you have experienced before. 


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