Reservation Policies


Traveling with groups in the outdoors is an inherently risky activity.  We advise anyone who is high risk for Covid-19 to consult their doctor and to consider if they should partake in this activity.  We may take some steps to specifically mitigate or reduce the risk of transmitting communicable diseases, such as Covid-19, but we can not reduce all risk and everyone attending one of our trips should be comfortable with those risks.

Booking Policy - Multi-Day Trips

  • All trip reservations must be received via phone, email, or booked online with a confirmation e-mail received.
  • Booking zip code, contact phone number and email address are also required for all bookings.
  • Please note that some trips have a 3% or other set land use recreation fee added to them.
  • All trips require a paid deposit to be considered confirmed.


  • 1 day trips: All reservations require a 30% deposit to be considered a valid reservation. Full balance for one-day trips is due the day of the trip.
  • Multi-day trips: All reservations require a 30% deposit payment to be considered a valid reservation. Full trip payment is due 30 days prior to trip departure date. All guests will receive an email notification 5 days before payment date. We must have either a check or card payment at the 30 day deadline. If trip is not paid in full by the 30 days prior to the trip launch the reservation will be subject to cancellation by Orange Torpedo Trips.

Cancellation Policy

Multi-day Trips

We have a no refund policy on all deposits and balance payments.  We strongly suggest purchasing travel insurance through Travel Guard Insurance, or another reputable vendor, to cover your travel investment in the case that life happens and you are not able to go. These policies can cover a variety of travel related complications so please read your policy carefully to ensure you have everything you want covered.  

We do not cancel trips for smoke if the river is still open. In the event of nearby forest fires we continue to run trips until the river is closed by the local authorities.

Lodge Based Trips (Wild and Scenic Rogue River)

Due to limited lodge space and their cancellation policies we have more stringent cancellation penalties than on our camping trips.

  • 31+ days to trip launch.  If you cancel more than 30 days prior to the launch of your trip 30% of your deposit may be transferred to a trip the following year. The other 70% of your deposit will be forfeit.  You are also welcome to move to a different trip in the same river season without any consequence assuming we have space.
  • 30-15 days prior to trip launch. 50% of your full payment may be transferred towards a trip the following year 50% will be forfeit.  You can move to a different date in the same season with a 15% transfer fee.
  • 14 or fewer days prior to launch. 75% of trip payment will be forfeit, 25% can be moved to a trip the following season.
  • Find Someone to replace you. If at any time you need to cancel for any reason, if you find someone to replace you, you can receive a full refund.

Travel Insurance

We strongly advise purchase of travel insurance through Travel Guard.  Many policies include coverage of deposits and balance payments towards the trip which are non-refundable through Orange Torpedo Trips.  Coverages can also include evacuation fee coverage, which if you need to leave a trip early for any reason, transportation coverage will be at your expense. We strongly advise looking into third party insurance coverage.

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