Elmer “Squek” Briggs started Briggs Rogue River Guide Service in 1930 on the Rogue River.  He had been running the canyon since 1922 and met Zane Gray in 1924 when he started guiding him down the canyon on numerous occasions.  

Jerry Briggs, Elmer’s son started guiding in 1954 and ultimately took over the business from his father.  Jerry also became a world famous boat builder who was instrumental in designing the first rowed boats going down the Grand Canyon.

Bret Clark, Jerry’s Son-in-law started guiding in 1975 and ultimately took over the business.  Brett is still an active guide today.

In 2021 Brett sold the business to long-time guides Jim Crystal and Erik Weiseth who own Orange Torpedo Trips, one of the oldest rafting companies on the Rogue River.  Jim and Erik are very excited to bring their long-time Rogue River experience and customer service experience to Briggs where they hope to maintain all of the long traditions that have made Briggs the incredible outfitter it has been for almost 100 years. 

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