Memorable Rogue River Fishing in Oregon

Any fishing enthusiast will tell you there's nothing quite like the feeling of reeling in a big one. You must find the best fishing spots to have a successful fishing trip.

At Briggs Rogue River Trips, we take the time to find the best options for your fishing trip experience in Oregon on the Rogue River.


We Stand Out from the Others

At Briggs Rogue River Trips in Oregon, we provide you with a fishing trip for you, your family, friends, or even your co-workers. All of this is done by following safety protocols with the help of our Rogue River fishing guides to ensure you have a pleasant experience.

You'll experience an adventure on the Rogue River filled with wilderness and scenic landscapes while you enjoy your fishing trip and encounter something new.

Our Rogue River fishing guides will put your skills to the test, but if you're a first-time angler, you don't need to be worried. We take the first-time and novice anglers and inspire a life-long fishing passion in them.

We Have a Wide Range of Options Waiting for You

At Briggs Rogue River Trips, we have different options available for your various needs for you to enjoy the best fishing trip experience on the Rogue River. Our options are:

  • Whitewater Rafting

  • Rogue River Guided Fishing

  • Rogue River Canyon Fishing

  • Rogue River Single Day Fishing

Our Experience Makes Us Unique and Speaks for Itself 

We have been in the business for almost 100 years. That's a lot to say, that we guarantee experience, knowledge, expertise, and excellent customer service.

In 2021 the business was sold to Orange Torpedo Trips owners, eager to bring their long-time Rogue River experience and fantastic customer service to you.

We take pride in our business and hope to maintain all the long traditions that have made Briggs Rogue River Trips an incredible outfitter all these decades.

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The extraordinary combination of beautiful scenery, whitewater, and the vast fish you can encounter on the Rogue River, will make this experience a memory you'll never forget.


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